SPI Event
11 December 2020
Sky Atlantic, Fortitude, Premiere

SPI is hosting a webinar to discuss Caring Responsibilities and Working in Film and Television Production on Friday 11th December at 11am – 12:15pm via Zoom.

The webinar will explore the experiences of those with caring responsibilities working in Film and TV Production and the roundtable discussion with key stakeholders will focus on:  

  • Understanding from direct personal experience, the challenges faced by those working in the screen industry with caring responsibilities.  
  • Generating a discussion on possible practical solutions, including instances where action has already been taken.
  • Hearing directly from funding bodies on possible solutions they may have or actions they have taken to help address the challenges raised.

The participants in the webinar are:  

  • Chair - Aoife O Sullivan – Subotica Films / SPI Board / Chair of SPI Film and TV Drama Committee
  • Nicola Lyons - Production Manager Northern Ireland Screen
  • Louise Ryan - Marketing and Communications Manager Screen Ireland
  • Jess Drumm - Screen Guilds Ireland Manager  
  • Ailish Bracken - Raising Films Ireland  
  • Rebecca Baker - London Film Return to Work programme

Many thanks to all the participants, and their organisations, for the assistance in organising this webinar.

You can sign up for the free webinar here.


Supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Network Funding