Commissioning News

RTÉ YPP is interested in receiving your proposals (on a rolling basis) for animated series for both RTÉjr & TRTÉ audiences.

The RTÉjr audience is made up of three distinctive groups - under 3's, 3-5- and under7’s.

For the Under 3s the world is a safe and magical place, full of sights, sounds and smells! Series which have worked well for RTÉ, connecting to and entertaining this audience include, PABLO, MYA GO, THE DAY HENRY MET, NELLY AND NORA and PUFFIN ROCK. Acquired animation, Moon and Me, Peppa Pig, Hey Duggee, Thomas and Friends are also very popular.

For 3-5 year olds exploring the outside world and beginning to experience everything that school has to offer is top of the list. New series such as URBAN TAILS and OLLIE encapsulate this new found fun and adventure and firm favourites, PEEK ZOO and WILDERNUTS continue to work well in our schedule. In acquired animation, big titles like Shaun the Sheep, Waffle the Wonder Dog & Paw Patrol have wide appeal.

RTÉjr’s co-viewing slot between 6-7 pm weekdays offers an opportunity to broadcast slightly older skewing content. This is where RTÉ is playing their brand new Irish series CRITTERS TV. Previous series that have also worked well in this slot includes, BALLYBRADDAN and ZIG and ZAG. Acquired content, such as Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Scooby Doo and Sylvester & Tweety also sit well here. RTÉ is of course open to proposals for this age-group.

TRTÉ 8 – 12’s

RTÉ is also very much open for business for animated proposals for their 8 – 12’s audience. Recent commissions include ROYALS NEXT DOOR and DORG VAN DANGO which will be hitting the screens in 2020.

Number: Multiples of 5 or one-off specials
Duration: 2mins, 5mins, 7mins and 11mins episodes
Budget: RTÉ funding will be allocated on a case by case basis

When submitting an animation proposal for consideration it is helpful for RTÉ to have as much detail as possible. Ideally this should include Producers CV and Production Company information and similar for proposed co-producers, production bible (Including character description, project synopsis and episode outlines) any completed scripts or pilot; rough indication of budget and finance plan including additional sources of finance.

Proposals may be considered for general broadcaster support, support for BAI Sound & Vision Funding or other funding support. While it is appreciated that funding models necessitate proposals for animated series looking towards the international market, proposals that have an Irish resonance are of particular interest to RTÉ. This may be reflected in a number of ways including casting, visual design and editorial content amongst others.

RTÉ is also interested in proposals that offer versions in both Irish and English languages.

Please submit your ideas into the eCommissioning system under the programme category Young Peoples “Animation TRTÉ 8 – 12’s”