Return to Production Guidelines for the Creative Screen Industry

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Screen Producers Ireland, working closely with Industry Stakeholders, has developed Return to Production Guidelines for the Film, TV Drama and Factual genres of the creative screen content industry.

The Production Guidelines includes information on options for modifying work structures to help to reduce contact, how to implement an effective cleaning and sanitation regime to reduce risk of transmission of COVID19, and options for minimising risk for activities such as costuming and make-up. While each production will be required to develop specific ways of working based on their individual risk assessments, this guidance document helps to translate the government protocols and public health guidance into a workable approach for the unique world of screen content production. 

The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has confirmed that these guidelines adhere to Government COVID19 health and safety guidelines and the Guidance is separated into two documents: one of for Live Action, i.e. Feature Film and TV Drama, and one for Factual and Entertainment production.

SPI will be updating the Guidance as required and as Government and Public Health advice changes and evolves. 


Film and TV Drama (live action) Guidance Document here

Factual and Entertainment Guidance Document here

The SPI Covid-19 Production Guidelines for the Irish Film and Television (Live Action) and Factual and Entertainment funded by Screen Ireland’s Stakeholder Funding Scheme have been updated to reflect evolving Public Health Guidance, Government Protocol and to reflect on the ground learnings. These documents have undergone a QA process with the Department of TCAGSM prior to publication.

Noted below are key changes, but all productions should review the documents in their entirety. As noted this situation is continually  evolving and productions should ensure they are cross referencing industry guidance with the most up to date Government, HSE, HSA and Public Health Advice- links to these resources are captured in the guidance documents. This guidance is not a substitute for production specific risk assessments and Covid-19 Protocols- but should help to inform the development of these documents.

Overall changes to note in the Covid-19 Production Guidelines for Irish Film and Television (Live Action) and Factual and Entertainment

  • Language updated to reflect Work Safely Protocol- the updated version of the Return to Work Safely Protocol
  • Update to reference when devising a Covid-19 Response Plan employers will include an induction programme 
  • Section inserted on Recovery and Resilience and the National Framework for Lining with Covid-19
  • Reference to employers reviewing their Sick Leave Policy and details on where to find information on the Enhanced Covid1-19 Illness benefit
  • Symptom List updated from Public Health/HSE information
  • Updated details on close contact spread and infected surfaces from Public Health/HSE information
  • Additional details on Respiratory Hygiene from Public Health/HSE information
  • Further details on the importance of masking- emphasizing that it is generally accepted that mask should be worn by all cast and crew except when on camera and being made-up, both outdoors and indoors. 
  • Inclusion of temperature checks as an opportunity to log personnel , updated information on appropriate medical cover
  • Information included on employer requirements for Workers whose first language is not English
  • Include information on Legionnaire’s Disease
  • Information added on High Risk and Extremely High Risk workers- in line with Public Health/HSE information
  • Update to reflect that once a patient has left an isolation room- the room should not be used until it has been cleaned, aired and disinfected
  • Language updated to reflect that Cast rooms should be single occupancy unless members of the same household (e.g. a minor and parent)
  • Additional HSE/Public Health Guidance on the Management of an outbreak
  • Removal of reference to fogging
  • Inclusion of detailed appendices on
    - Close Contacts, Contact Logging and Test Results
    - Testing Programme
    - Ventilation
    - Cleaning, Sanitising and Disinfecting
    - Hand Sanitiser and Surface Wipes
    - PPE
    - Pods/Zones

Film and TV drama [additional changes to note]

  • Pg 16- update to inclusion suggestion of block booking extras
  • Pg 17- update to include cast should dress themselves where possible
  • Pg 22- update to re-affirm need for physical distancing across areas including trucks and workrooms and update to note a Q-take system or remote view system may be useful for make-up/hair/costume
  • Pg 28- updated to note that PP2 mask can also be used
  • Pg 30- update to note gloves must be correctly disposed of
  • Pg 31- update to note hand sanitiser should be rubbed in till dry
  • Pg 32- update response team should devise a system/checklist to quantify level of compliance