Commissioning News

Sunday night has always been a big night for entertainment on RTÉ One. It’s a rare chance for the whole family to come together for one more treat before they face into the week ahead. Big event style shows like “Dancing With the Stars” have made a huge impact on RTÉ and previously “The Voice of Ireland” performed strongly in this early evening family slot.

No. of episodes: 12 X 90 / 12 X 120
RTÉ One Sundays 18.30 January 2022

RTÉ wants to see more big engaging family friendly shows on Sunday nights at 6.30pm. They know there is a big audience available at this time but this is a competitive space - proposals need to be powerful, ambitious and gripping.

This is a tough slot and only the strongest ideas will succeed here but when an idea works it takes off in a way few programmes can.

RTÉ will consider international formats and original proposals that have the ambition to become international formats. The shows can be based in studio or on location or a mix of both. They can be live or pre-recorded. They should be big warm offerings that are compelling, engaging and unmissable. They will need to quickly become “must see” treats for the Irish family audience across the dark winter’s evenings.

RTÉ is seeking proposals in good time as experience tells us that these big entertainment shows even if they are existing international formats need space and time to develop and adapt for their audience.

Suggestions for on screen talent should be included in submissions.

The number and duration of episodes outlined are intended as guidelines. Both could change depending on the proposals considered.

Please submit your ideas into eCommissioning system under the programme category Entertainment RTÉ One Sundays 2022.

Closing Date for submissions is Noon, February 7, 2020 (Strict Deadline)