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RTÉ has the following Call Out for Ideas for Young Peoples Programming:

Scripted Short Form

  • Number: 10, 15 or 20 episodes
  • Duration: Between 5 - 15 Minutes per episode
  • Budget: €60,000 - €90,000 per hour

RTÉjr is interested in commissioning original character-centered, script-based content for its young audience. They are looking for stories based in fantasy world or real world or both. Stories that encourage exploration, creativity and inspire. Let your imaginations go wild! RTÉjr is always keen to support and grow new talent and ideas built around female comedians/entertainers are of particular interest. Preferably long-running series (minimum 10 episodes) and episodes should be short in duration.

Please submit your ideas to eCommissioning system under the programme category Young Peoples “Scripted Short Form”.

Studio or location-based short form

  • Number: 10, 15 or 20 episodes
  • Duration: Between 5 - 10 Minutes per episode
  • Budget: €52,000 - €70,000 per hour

Alongside scripted short form RTÉjr is also always on the lookout for compelling short form studio or location based ideas for RTÉjr. Series like AbraKIDabra, JournyCam and Wild Kids are all great examples of series that work well in this space. Genres they are keen to explore, Arts – what about an art appreciation series for younger kids, Arty Farty anyone? Education - Series that deliver education with a small e. Can you come up with ways of exploring numeracy, literacy for under 7’s? Is there a new way to deliver storytelling in a modern and engaging way? Music – Is there a musical format that RTÉjr can create together that will speak to and will entertain kids? Passions – Young kids in particular can become totally enthralled and infatuated with hobbies/things… football, fire engines, collecting cards, ballet, ponies, stickers….Is there a series for young kids that showcases their favourite things and allows them to show off their favourite thing?

Whatever the subject matter low cost high volume production models for this particular call out will be particularly attractive.

Please submit your ideas to eCommissioning system under the programme category Young Peoples “Studio or location based Short Form”.

Location-based drama for 8-12's

RTÉjr is looking for original drama that will engage, entertain and intrigue our 8 – 12’s audience. They want to commission drama that offers up excellent story-telling, mystery, laughter and believable characters that our audience can identify with and care about. They want writers creating Irish content that has universal appeal. Also key at this early development stage is the consideration of how your drama content will be presented and offered up in multi-platform land. Structure and format of drama is up for discussion.

As we all know drama is expensive therefore YPP actively develops projects that will meet the objectives of BAI Sound and Vision financing as well as projects that are suited to international co-production. If helpful RTÉjr will work closely with producers in helping to attach financing partners. Co-production and co-financing is a high priority for YPP drama and we suggest producers talk to us early about projects they have in mind.

To submit an idea for development investment you will need to register and submit on RTÉ's e-commissioning system under the programme category Young Peoples “Studio or location based Short Form”.

General callout

RTÉjr knows that you lot are a creative bunch and from time to time come up with wonderful timely ideas that are out of scope. Ideally they prefer to receive pitches that correspond to existing briefs but if you feel compelled please submit to General Callout. Submitting your idea under this heading by no means implies that RTÉ are in any way compelled to commission your proposal. However it could just be a gem of an idea that they haven’t thought of!!