S&V Round 23 awards notice | Clarification on Broadcaster Letter

Industry News

SPI received a number of enquiries about Round 23 S&V awards table published by the BAI, which listed a broadcaster for each project title.  For your info. 3 of the 24 TV projects awarded funding did not have a broadcaster attached.  There were a total of 119 TV applications, 12 of which did not have a broadcaster attached.   Therefore 10% of the applications and 12.5% of the funding awards were for projects which did not have a broadcaster attached at the time of application.    

As of 2015 under the S&V III Scheme, the BAI accepts applications for Animation, Drama and Education projects without a broadcaster commitment at the time of application. The producer has up to 3 months from the date of offer of funding to secure a letter of commitment from a broadcaster. (see 3.5 BAI S&V Guidelines for Applicants)

Round 23 Table of Decisions