BAI Contract Awards Committee | Announced

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Minister for Communications, Alex White T.D., announced on 10th March - four appointments to the Contract Awards Committee of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI), which were approved by Government.

The following appointments were made for a period of five years:
•    Ercus Stewart SC – Chair
•    Eimer McGovern – reappointed
•    John Hogan
•    Dr Anne O’Brien

Welcoming the appointments, Minister White said: “The Contract Awards Committee plays a vital role in shaping the broadcasting landscape through the licensing of independent commercial and community broadcasters.

I would like to thank the appointees for their willingness to serve and wish them well in their work ahead”.
The Contract Awards Committee is responsible for the operation of the broadcast licence application process. Four of its eight members are appointed by the Government; the remainder are appointed by the BAI.

Biographies of appointees
Ercus Stewart
Ercus Stewart, SC, has practised at the Bar since 1970. He is a Senior Counsel since 1982. His practice centres on civil, commercial and labour law, litigation and arbitration. Mr. Stewart is also a member of the Bars of Northern Ireland, England and Wales and Australia (NSW). In addition to his law practice, Mr. Stewart is an arbitrator in international and domestic Commercial Arbitration.

Anne O’Brien
Dr. Anne O’Brien is academic director with Kairos Communications/Centre for Media Studies, National University of Ireland Maynooth. Her main research interests are the politics of development and the role of media in social change. Her book The Politics of Tourism Development examines the role played by state and private sector politics in development in Ireland.

Eimer McGovern
Eimer McGovern has served Openet’s Chief Financial Officer since July 2010. Ms. McGovern is a chartered accountant and held various accounting positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers from 1984 to 1989. Ms. McGovern holds an honours degree in commerce from University College Dublin, Ireland. She was originally appointed to the Contract Awards Committee on 30 November 2009.

John Hogan
Mr. John Hogan has been active in business consulting for over 30 years for a range of domestic and international clients, including the EU Commission, the World Bank Group, the Central Bank of Ireland, USAID and the Financial Services Authority in the UK. In addition to his executive career, Mr. Hogan has served on the board of the Citizens Information Board for almost ten years.

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