SPI industry survey- Covid-19 and economic impacts on the independent production sector

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These are unprecedented times.

There is no doubting the seismic impact the pandemic, and the public health response to it, has had on our industry.

As you know, Screen Producers Ireland has been engaging with key industry stakeholders, the Government and the Chief Medical Officer since March 12th to inform them of the impact it is having on productions and to seek solutions to these impacts.

But we need your help.

We need the data that shows the impact it is having on Irish productions. By confidentially sharing your data with us, it makes our case for industry support stronger.

This data is being collected anonymously. The data will also be collated before sharing externally.

We will provide this information to stakeholders including Screen Ireland and the IBEC AV federation.

*Please note---questions are asked in relation to both the production company and individual productions (through reference to the DAC).